BORED! SO BORED! It's all bloody Fatty Phan's fault!...

The Principal’s Office

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Amanda contemplates the trouble she has caused.

Amanda – The Principal’s Office

BORED! SO BORED! It’s all bloody Fatty Phan’s fault!… Hee, hee. Bloody indeed! The look on his face! Priceless! Well he shouldn’t have made Linh cry. Poor thing. She is such a shy, quite, little thing, she could easily be mistaken for a Year 7. It took Bec and I the rest of the class to coax her out of the loos. Even then she was so upset her mum had to come and get her… How did Fatty know about her period anyway???….. He couldn’t have known. He is such an insensitive pig. He must have just said it anyway and it was Linh’s bad luck that he was right.

What is it with boys and periods? It’s just blood…. What did Jordan say…. “What’s the point of having a sword if you can’t get it bloodied occasionally”… Didn’t bother him… But there was a bit of a mess. Must not use a good towel next time – Mum will kill me.

MUM! If I get detention from this she’ll ground me and I won’t be able to have Patrick over on Friday!


It’s taken months to get that organised. Kelly Bitch Face has him on such a tight leash that she would never let him disappear for a whole Friday night without knowing where he was going. It is only that her olds are taking all of them to the snow for a four day weekend that I have been able to pull it off, and even then I have had to sneak around so she didn’t find out.

The “arrangement” with Mum about “sleep overs” is certainly convenient, and much better than sneaking boys in and out of my bedroom, but organising everything is a nightmare! I have to be good all the time… and whenever she thinks I’m out of line, she just has to mention “revoking visiting rights” and she knows she has me…

TEN MINUTES! I have been waiting here ten minutes! What is going on in there?! Last time I saw Suze she was describing her (wholly imaginary) menses to Fatty in excruciatingly graphic detail and he was looking rather pale (serves him right), but I don’t remember seeing her after that? It couldn’t have been more than ten minutes before the rest of us got back to class? What on earth could she have got up to in ten minutes that requires ten minutes (and counting) with Old Four Eyes?

Must remember to help Mich with her veggie maths… Percentages! It’s always percentages. Hardly calculus or trigonometry, but I have to be extra nice to Mich, for awhile anyway… Just because I had David. They were on a break – again! The girls made me promise not to play with their boyfriends – fine – but no one said anything about ex’s. And now that they are back on – again – she’s gone all cold on me. What is it with girls and their boyfriends? I always give them back. You would think that they would be grateful for me teaching them some techniques? But, Oh no. Its all “There’s Amanda the boyfriend stealing bitch”. Of course who’s the first person they turn to when they are having “boy trouble”?

FIFTEEN SECONDS! Oh, Come on! Can time go any slower?! Einstein was wrong – it’s not velocity that that causes time dilation – it’s sitting here!… Although, it could be a localised gravitational effect due to proximity to Old Four Eyes. Hee, hee… Shouldn’t be mean; she must have been young once… and she has kids so she must have…Ewwwwww! I don’t even what to think about that!

I don’t mind missing Social Studies but Physics is next and I so want to impress Mr Jackson on the pop quiz… He is rather dreamy – all the girls have got the hots for him… At least Jordan will save me a seat; he’s good like that… very good… he knows just what I like and even manages to surprise me occasionally…Like that time when he got a tongue stud. When he showed it to me, I just had to pash him right there in the corridor in front of everybody. The feeling of our two studs rolling around each other was intense! I was wet right there and then. If we hadn’t been at school I would have jumped him on the spot. Waiting all week for him to “sleep over” so that he could go down on me was torture. And he kept sending me texts reminding me… Bastard!… But I do like him… A lot… Suze says the she’s his favourite, but I’m sure it’s me… I love being in his arms… he’s so strong, yet gentle… and that smile… and hard inside me… the look on his face as he’s just about to cum… Oh, Oh… Not here, not now… I wish I could go the loos and rub one out, but that’s not going happen.

I wonder what surprises Patrick has for me? Not even Suze has been there… Kelly Bitch Face will have an extreme hissy fit when she finds out. Bitch! Serves her right! Just like Fatty Phan…

Oh why did I have push things that bit too far?… Well more than a bit really… We’d made our point by waving our tampons and pads in Fatty’s face as we left class; why did I have go that one step further, dip my tampon in red food dye and drop it on the desk in front of him? It seemed like such a good idea at the time… and the look on his face! You would have thought it was radioactive! Unfortunately Miss Briggs didn’t see the funny side, even after I explained it was only food dye.

Ohhhh! Ohhhh! I’ll get detention for sure – Mum will ground me – I won’t have Patrick – and I so want him! Mustn’t cry! Kelly Bitch doesn’t – Fatty pig – Jordon – Suze – Mum…





Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

Now, what am I going say to Four Eyes? I don’t think blaming my period will work this time…Especially not this time… If I tell the truth (well, parts of it anyway), apologise and beg forgiveness, she might not give me detention. And Mum might see the funny side and still let me have Patrick over if I’m really good. It could work.

I am so horny! It’s only Monday morning; Friday is forever… Perhaps I could hook up with Jordan after school. He’d help me rub one out, especially if I gave him a blow job. Hmmm, that would be….

[The door opens with a loud crack.]

There’s Suze… she’s rolling her eyes and making funny faces – mustn’t laugh, I’m in enough trouble as it is. Who’s behind her… Brian Walsh! The biggest geek in school. What was she doing with him to get in so much trouble? Now that is a story I have hear.

“Miss Baxter! In here, now!”

Shit! You know you are in trouble when they call you by your surname.

“Yes Miss. Sorry Miss”


All people, places and events depicted are real, just not in this universe.
© Paul Shipley

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