I don't wanna go to Kindy. I wanna stay with Mummy. Why canna I stay with Mummy?
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I don’t wanna go to Kindy. I wanna stay with Mummy. Why canna I stay with Mummy? I look at the other kids playing and hold Mummy’s hand a bit tighter. Mummy said that Kindy would be fun and that I could play with all the other kids, but I don’t wanna. I don’t like it. I wanna stay with Mummy. I’m gonna cry. I feel the tears start to swell in my eyes.

A little girl comes running over and stands in front of me. She has long blonde hair, big blue eyes and a big smile.

“Hello. My name is Am. What’s yours?”

I hang my head, shuffle my feet and stand a bit closer to Mummy.

“I’m Bec.”

“Hello Bec. And this is Dolly. She is very pretty.”

I look up and the little blonde girl has her hand out to show me her doll. She was right. Dolly was very pretty.

The little blonde girl frowns.

“Are you sad Bec? Don’t be sad. Dolly’s not sad. She’s going to a party. Do you wanna help me get Dolly ready for the party? What sorta party should it be?”

The little blonde girl closes her eyes and screws up her face in concentration, then she opens her eyes really wide and gives me a big smile.

“I know! She can go to a Ball! There’ll be music, and dancing, and everything.”

She spins around on the spot in excitement.

“And she can meet a handsome Prince and live happily ever after! Come on Bec. Let’s go get Dolly ready for the Ball.”

She holds out her other hand to me. I look up at Mummy. She smiles back at me and nods her head for me to go with the little blonde girl. Getting Dolly ready for the Ball does sound like fun and the little blonde girl does seem really nice. I hesitantly let go of Mummy’s hand and take hold of the little blonde girl’s. She leads me to where the other kids are playing.

“What shall Dolly wear? She has a red dress, and a black dress, and a white dress with real diamonds. They sparkle and everything. What do you think Bec?”

“Sparkles sound pretty.”


All people, places and events depicted are real, just not in this universe.
© Paul Shipley

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