Jordan gets a tongue stud.

That’s so gay

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Jordan gets a tongue stud.

Jordan – That’s so gay

“That’s so gay.”

Eric is looking uncomfortable as he shifts his weight from one leg to the other waiting for my reaction. His mate Arthur, already nervous anywhere near me, is getting ready to run. I just laugh at them.

We are in the corridor waiting for the teacher to let us into the next class and I have just shown everyone my new tongue stud. Reactions are varied but Eric and his gang of lowlifes are taking exception.

Then I hear them coming before they turn the corner; the unmistakable clack of heels approaching. Everyone turns to watch the Hot Chicks come into view; and what a view. Heels, supporting way too long legs, topped by way too short hems, on way too tight dresses, covered by way too long hair. Every school boy’s wet dream come to life. They are all acting completely oblivious to the attention, but I know they are loving it.

“Am. Over here. I’ve got something to show you.”

Amanda looks up from her phone, breaks way from the group and heads my way. The rest of her posse stop and look on.

“Hi Sugar. What have you got for me? Am I going to like it?” she flirts outrageously while running a finger down my chest. I poke out my tongue. Her eyes go really wide, then she jumps at me pushing me back against the lockers as she practically forces her tongue into my mouth. Our two studs meet and roll around each other. It feels fantastic.

We part somewhat breathless. The rest of the class is looking at us slack jawed from the forbidden PDA. I take her hand and hold it against my chest. She gets all wide eyed again because while the rest of the class doesn’t know it, Amanda can feel the piecing in my nipple.

She just stands there staring at me. It takes something pretty special for Amanda to lose her voice. Finally she says “Friday?”

“Friday.” I agree. Everyone listening knows that she has just invited me for a sleep over Friday night.

She has a quick look either side to check for teachers before giving me another tongue workout. With a little squeal she breaks away and rushes back to her girls. They head off to class in a huddle as Amanda gives them the goss. The class is still watching speechless as Amanda turns back to give me a million watt smile and a little wave before they disappear into the distance.

I face Eric and laugh. “Yeah. You’re right. Totally gay.”


All people, places and events depicted are real, just not in this universe.
© Paul Shipley

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