Jordan and Suzie go on a date.

The Best Date Ever

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Jordan and Suzie go on a date.

Jordan – The Best Date Ever

“Bruce Wills is awesome.” says David.

But Lisa is having none of it. “No way am I watching some action shit.”

“Come on guys. You’re with me, right?”

Luke shrugs and goes back to making eyes with Simone. They can’t keep their hands off each other. It doesn’t look like they care which movie they go to as long as they can get into the back row as soon as possible.


“Count us out. We have other plans.” I reply.

“Like what? I thought we were seeing a movie?” says Suze looking at me puzzled.

“I have a better idea.”

She brightens. “Oh. I like ‘better ideas’.”

Which just leaves David and Lisa to decide. Seeing that she is in a winning position, Lisa presses home her advantage. “If we watch Bruce Wills, that’s all you’ll be doing – watching.” she says significantly, raising her eyes at David.

David gets the message. “So four for Sandra Bullock then.”

I discretely make a little whip gesture at him and he gives me the finger in return while pretending to rub his nose. We both laugh.

Suze and I leave them to see the movie and head off into the shopping complex.

“Where are we going?” says Suze.

“You’ll see.” I reply enigmatically and give her a wink.

We stop outside the gaming arcade. Suze looks first at the arcade then at me. “No way.”

“Come on. It’ll be fun. Trust me.” I say and lead her inside.

We buy a couple of game cards and go look at the machines. I want to play a first person shooter zombie game, but Suze has the sulks.

“I don’t want shoot zombies. That’s so lame.” she says, crossing her arms in front of her and pouting at me.

“Yes you do. Come stand here.”

She stands in front of the game and I give her a gun, then stand close behind her and place my hands over hers. I can feel her body pressed against mine as I look over her shoulder at the machine and say “You just aim at the zombie and pull the trigger” as the first zombie explodes in a cloud of blood and gore.

Pretty soon she has the hang of it so I take the other gun and we team up.

“Hey, this is fun.” she says grinning at me.

“See I told you. Look out. To your right.” and another zombie explodes.

“I’m just imagining that they’re teachers.”

Once we’ve had enough of killing zombies I lead her to the motorbike simulation. “What do think? We give it a go?” I ask.

“Shit yeah! Why didn’t we start here.”

I think she might like this idea. So I get on in the riders position and she gets on behind me as the pillion passenger sitting in close, with her arms around me hugging me tight. Her head is on my shoulder and I can feel her cheek on my ear.

Starting the simulation we are soon climbing a twisting mountain road where we have to lean the bike to follow the road. Suze hugs me even tighter as I race the bike up the road, both of us leaning into the curves. I can feel the excitement in her breathe on my neck. She gives a squeal every time we nearly come off, which we do a couple of times.

After awhile she starts to lose interest and instead tries to distract me so as to make me crash. She tries tickling me without success before moving on to licking my ear. I finally give up trying to concentrate when she starts talking dirty. She has quite an imagination.

Suze wants to try the dance machine next and but we soon realise that we both dance equally badly so we move on to the F1 car machine. This has two seats and dual controls so we each have a car we can race against each other.

“I am so going to whip your arse!” she says.

“You’ll have to catch me first.”

We both drive aggressively with the lead changing several times as we jostle for position. Coming into the final straight our cars are neck and neck, but I’m just in front. With only a few car lengths to go Suze swerves her car into mine and we both crash out.

I look at the smoking wrecks on the screen just metres from the finish. “You did that deliberately. How are you going to make it up to me?” I say playfully giving her a grin.

“Oh. I don’t know. What if I do this.” she says reaching across to kiss me.

We make out for awhile before the attendant comes over and tells us off. Suze tells him to “Get a life you loser” and I think it is time we went to find the others.

We get a booth near the back at the pancake place so we can make out when the staff aren’t looking. I text David where we are and they find us with a straw each sharing a milkshake.

“How was the movie?” I ask as they sit down to join us.

“Was there a movie?” says Luke with a grin from ear to ear.

I can’t help but notice that he and Simone have matching hickeys. Good luck explaining that.

“David will fill you in. What was it about?” I ask him teasingly.

“Something about Sandra Bullock. I don’t know, I was distracted.” he says with a smirk as he puts his arm around Lisa. “What about you guys? What did you get up to?”

Suze gets in before me. “We had the best date – ever. Got told off for making out in the gaming arcade. It was awesome.” she says looking at me, her eyes burning with excitement.


All people, places and events depicted are real, just not in this universe.
© Paul Shipley

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