Setting Salesforce SessionID with AXIS

Connecting to a Salesforce Web Service is not as obvious as it should be.

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Coding TipsJavaGWT

A quirk updating to GWT 2.5

GWT 2.5 code inconsistently uses the new EventBus.

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iTextPDFStruts 2

Dynamic PDF Servlet

This is a technique for dynamically creating and serving PDF documents.

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ServletCoding TipsJava

Start and Stop JSP Applications

This is a technique for administering JSP Servlets.

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Coding TipsJavaEclipse

Eclipse2ant – export project settings to Ant build file

This small plug-in has been in the official Eclipse build since version 3.1, however it is not easy to find or obvious how it can …

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I like itJavaEJB

Review of EJB 3.1 Cookbook by Richard M. Reese

Review of EJB 3.1 Cookbook by Richard M. Reese, Packt Publishing Ltd., June 2011, ISBN 978-1- 849682-38-1

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Coding TipsJavaEclipse


AmaterasERD is an Eclipse plug-in to draw ER diagrams.

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Random ThoughtsMac OS XJava

Mac OS and Java Deprecation

As a Java and Flash developer, I have to wonder why Steve Jobs hates me so much?

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Coding TipsJavagmail

Send email from Java using Gmail

Sending an email from Java using Gmail is easy.

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