This entry is part 15 of 19 in the series The Amanda Chronicles

Amanda – I Said No!

My hands trembling; struggling with the key in the lock; my breath is quick and short; he is right behind me; I feel his hand lift my skirt and grab my arse; his bare skin feels rough against mine.

“No!” I scream.

My pulse racing; I turn to confront him; he gropes my boob with his other hand.

“I said No!” I yell into his sneering face.

Taking him by the shirt front, I pull him in towards me, then twist, knocking him off balance, and push him up against the door. Our faces close; I feel his breath; his cocksure grin taunting me. Looking him straight in the eyes, I reach for the back of his head, pull his face on to mine and kiss him deeply.

“Not until we get inside silly.” I say with a giggle breaking the embrace.

The lock turns and the door swings open; I push him trough.

“Amanda? Good, you’re home. I have to -”


Mum’s home early. I knew I should have checked the garage.

I feel my stomach flutter.

Don’t panic. I just need to go to Plan B before Mum sees -.

“Oh. Hello. Who are you?”

“Hi Mrs Baxter. I’m Tyler.”


Bit late to smuggle him in my window now. Okay. I’ll just have to bluff it out.

I come around the corner of the entry hall into the main open plan lounge / dining room / kitchen area. Mum is on the other side of the granite kitchen bench, eyeing Tyler disapprovingly, her face tight. He’s just standing there; grinning at her; like an idiot.

Well, he is an idiot – what did you expect?

Whose idea was ‘Open Plan Living’ anyway? Not someone trying to smuggle a boy into their room, obviously.

And why has he stopped? We just need to get passed the kitchen, around the corner, across the family room, down the hall and into my room.

But first we need to get passed Mum.

I move beside him and give him a nudge. He doesn’t move.

“Amanda. We agreed – no friends this week.” Mum says tilting her head at me and narrowing her eyes.

That is only half true. She agreed; I hadn’t.

“Tyler is helping me get ready for the test tomorrow.”

I give him another nudge, knocking him off balance so that he has to move. He takes a step sideways towards the family room, but then stops again.

She stares at me, narrowing her eyes even more.

“Don’t you have Physics tomorrow?”

“Ah ha.” I say nodding.

I bump him along again. We’re half way there – why does he keep stopping?

“And he’s helping you?” says Mum, eyes wide, while pointing a finger at at Tyler.

“Yeah.” I say shrugging.

Why is that so hard to believe?

I look at Tyler – still grinning like an idiot – then back at Mum.

Okay. So I’m the schools top, prize winning, Science student and Tyler looks like he should be in Biology – as a specimen. She might have a point. But that’s not the sort of “help” he is giving me. It’s more like … “stress relief”. So I can … concentrate. That’s it.

“He’s helping me to concentrate.” I say smiling.

I bump him along again.

Mum looks over at Tyler.

“I haven’t seen you before. You’re not in Amanda’s class, are you?”

“Nah. I do Machine Shop.” he says; still grinning; like an idiot.

Mum just looks back at me, eyes wide and raises her eyebrows.

“Quantum Mechanics. Auto Mechanics. It’s the same thing really.” I say, shaking my head.

We only have a couple more steps to go so I give him a big push. He half falls, half staggers, into the family room.

“I just need twenty minutes.” I say over my shoulder as I follow him around the corner.

I hurry him across the family room and down the hall.

“Amanda!?” says Mum from the kitchen.

“Half hour, tops.” I yell closing my door.

I am going to be in so much trouble for this. But do they want me to do well on the test or not?


All people, places and events depicted are real, just not in this universe.

© Paul Shipley

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This entry is part 15 of 19 in the series The Amanda Chronicles