Why is that whenever a girl calls a boy out on his bad behavior it must be because the girl is being unreasonable?


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Amanda – C##ksucker

“Pastels are the new black.”

“I don’t know Mich.” says Bec gently shaking her head as we were about to enter the classroom.

“It said so in Elle. All the designers are …”

Mich is cut short by Chelsea who nearly knocks us over as she runs sobbing out of the room.

“You better go after her.” I say to Mich as Chelsea heads off down the hall.

While Mich follows Chelsea, Bec and I enter the classroom. There is chaos; everyone is laughing and talking excitedly. Some of the boys are in a huddle looking at Marcus ‘s phone.

Then I notice the board. There is a crude outline drawing of a giant penis squirting like a fountain over a girls face. Next to the face it says Chelsea. Above all of this, in giant letters, it says


The anger rises in me like volcano ready to erupt; blood throbbing through my veins as I pump my fists.

“Hey!” I yell. “HEY!”

No one takes any notice. Bec puts her fingers to her mouth and lets out a whistle so piercing that I’m sure they could hear it over in North Block. Being the school netball captain she is used to getting people’s attention.

They all go suddenly silent and their heads snap around to focus on us.

“What. Is that?” I demand pointing to the board behind me.

They all look away looking guilty.

“Well?” I say nostrils flaring.

“We were having a laugh. It just a joke.” says Marcus, his voice breaking slightly.

“Is that why Chelsea ran out of the room in tears? It was too funny for her?” I say stabbing a finger at him.

He looks at the floor.

“Clean it off.” I say to the nearest boy, who practically jumps out of his seat to comply.

“And what were you looking at on your phone that was so interesting when we came in?” I say to Marcus.

He looks like a child that’s been caught red handed in the lolly jar, but he just stares at me not saying anything.

“I bet it was photos of you and Chelsea. Right?” I say. “Well I’m sure I have some photos of you that everyone would want to see too.”

I pull out my phone and start going through my album of dick pics.

“I’m sure I have you in here somewhere.” I say. “What do you think Bec. This one?” showing her a random photo.

“Nah. He’s smaller than that.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

I scroll though some more.

“Oh. I know that one.” says Bec looking over my shoulder.

“You wouldn’t.” he says.

“Why not? Or is it only okay to show everybody your thing when a girl is on the end of it?” I say glaring at him.

“And as for you girls.” I say looking around the room. “Really? One of your sisters is being picked on and you laugh with them.” I say pointing at the boys.

The all look away, avoiding eye contact.

“Hands up any girl who’s never gone down? Anyone?”

As I expected no one wants to draw attention to themselves. Not even the virgins make a move.

“So ladies – we’re all cocksuckers. That is what they think of us. Cocksuckers. Is that okay with you?”

“Easy on Am. You on your rags or something?” says Marcus suddenly finding his voice.

Why is that whenever a girl calls a boy out on his bad behavior it must be because the girl is being unreasonable?

“Really? Is that all you have to say for yourself? I must be menstruating – that’s your excuse?” I say clenching my fists.

He just bites his lip, not saying anything.

“I seem to remember that you didn’t have any problem with me when I was going down on you.” I say sneering at him. “In fact it went something like this.”

I stand with my feet slightly apart; hands behind my head; close my eyes and tilt my head back. Rhythmically rocking my hips back and forth; I moan.

“Oh baby. That’s so good. Don’t stop. Oh. Oh. Oh.”

“Nailed it.” says Bec. “That’s so him.”

I give Bec a high five, then turn to glare at Marcus. He just stares back at me gritting his teeth, lips tight pressed tight.

“Amanda. What is going on?” says Miss Briggs from the doorway.

“We were just discussing the role of gender inequality in current day social dynamics Miss.”

“Well that is very nice, but this is Australian Studies so if you will just take your seat we’ll get started. Everybody, page 58, Federation. Amanda, you can read first.”

I give Marcus the evil eye as I sit down. This is so not over.


All people, places and events depicted are real, just not in this universe.

© Paul Shipley

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