Beware the quite ones

A man reminisces about his casual lover

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Beware the quite ones

She straddled me as soon as I sat on the lounge; her long dark hair in my face as her lips eagerly sought mine; they meet and I feel her hunger as her tongue begins to dance in my mouth. My hand feels her firm flesh as I work my way up her thigh to her ass. There is gap of bare skin at the top of her low cut jeans before I feel the thong – I would have expected nothing less of her. I wonder what colour they are? Her hands are on my face as the kiss becomes more urgent. I feel the small of her back and the curve of her spine as my hand works its way higher, searching for the clasp.

The bare skin of her neck is a surprise – Damn, I must have missed it. I go back down her spine feeling each of the bony lumps of her vertebrae. I reach the bare skin at the bottom of her top – No bra. Hmmm, she is full of surprises. As my hand goes under her top and retraces the path along her spine her top comes along for the ride. I feel her crotch pressing hard into mine and her soft murmurers are the sound track to our kiss as she enjoys my caress of her back.

Her top has ridden up to the point of exposing her breasts. I cup each of them firmly and as I use my thumbs to play with her nipples I feel them harden. There is a sharp intake of breath as she breaks the kiss, then her head goes back and lets out a low moan. Her head comes back up and her eyes open and stare at me. There is something almost animalistic about the look on her face; an urgent need; a fear of denial.

“Shall we get more comfortable?” I say.

I lead her to the bedroom and there is immediately another urgent embrace as we both reach for each others jeans. As much as I like watching a tight ass walking away in skin tight jeans, they are a bugger to get off. Sneak a peek at her knickers – Black. Of course; I am not surprised.

We fall on to the bed and I remove her top over her head. I push her back and lie over her, taking a nipple into my mouth.

“Baby, I love it! I love it!” she moans.

She arches her back and grips me firmly trying to thrust even more of her breast into my face. My tongue teases her nipple; fast, slowly, gently, hard, the tips just barely touching, my whole mouth enveloping her breast. I swap and repeat, then swap and repeat again. I feel the wetness on my hand as I rub quickly; her hand is pressing mine on to her and occasionally, urgently, guiding me to just the right spot. I know what she likes.

She cums. Some women scream, others whimper, the fakes try to out do Meg Ryan in “When Harry met Sally”. It is the small things that can’t be faked. Hers is little more than an intake of breath, but the contractions are a dead give away.

“Baby, you have a condom?”

“Of course. You have lube?”

I didn’t want a repeat of last time.

There is a moment of resistance, then I am in. She is just as tight as I remember. Her hands are on my ass pulling me into her. She fits like a glove; a warm, slippery glove, which envelops my entire being. She pushes up to meet me as I thrust into her. I look into her big brown eyes and I know I won’t last long. I feel my climax build and I cum.

I collapse on to my back and remove the condom. She sucks the last of the cum off me and licks me clean. I am still getting my breath back when she straddles me and thrusts a breast in my face. Her right one. Note to self – It is always the right one, start there next time. While I lick, she thrusts her pelvis so that her clit is rubbing against my shaft. I swap and repeat, but she can’t hold a position for long and changes around like a wild animal. She stops and throws her head back.

“SO CLOSE! SO CLOSE! I CAN’T CUM!” she yells in anguish.

I laugh.

“What can I do?”

She thrusts her breast in my face again. The right one, definitely the right one. But to no avail. She gets off me, rolls over and asks me to spoon her. I know she is not finished. Holding her from behind, I place one hand on her breast (the left one – I can’t reach the right one) and begin to play with the nipple. The other hand goes between her legs and I feel the wetness. My finger wanders though her pussy and she wriggles to help me find just the right spot. Her breathing quickens, then stops. I know she has cum.

At the door we kiss.

“When will I see you again?” she pleads.

“Soon” I say.

She pulls me tighter and kisses me again, this time more aggressively.

“Ciao baby” and with a wave she is gone.

It’s the quite ones you have watch out for.


All people, places and events depicted are real, just not in this universe.
© Paul Shipley


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