Amanda meets a hottie at a party. Romeo and Juliet it's not.
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Amanda meets a hottie at a party. Romeo and Juliet it’s not.

Amanda – Just Dance

“Oh, I’m so nervous.” says Bec crossing her arms and hugging herself. “What if he doesn’t like it? Oh, we can’t do it. I’ll tell Darren it’s off”

I grab Bec’s arm to stop her as she turns to go. “Calm down Bec. It’s going to be fine.” I say patiently.

And I didn’t spend all those hours gluing glitter on to back out now.

“But Am, what if -” she says nervously looking towards the gate to the backyard and the source of the party sounds.

“He’ll love it. What boy could possibly resist three Lady Gaga’s?”

“I suppose.” Bec’s still not convinced.

“Come on Bec.” says Mich. “We look amazing. This is going to be super.”

“I guess.” says Bec with just the start of a smile.

The three of us were dressed in matching costumes to look like Lady Gaga from the prison cell scene in her Telephone video. Black heels, black fishnet stockings, black g-string knickers with glitter on the crotch, black bras with glitter on the cups, blonde wigs with drink cans for hair rollers; and to go on we had pink fleece lined jackets, with black sunglasses. Gaga had worn a black leather jacket in the video, but we couldn’t get matching ones so we settled on the pink jackets instead. It made an interesting contrast to what we had on underneath.

The whole thing was Bec’s idea anyway. She so wanted to do something special for her boyfriend Gavin’s sixteenth party. Put our dance classes to use she said. Making and learning the routine had taken forever. Then more time on the costumes. Darren had mashed up a megamix of Gaga hits especially for us. No way was I going to let Bec back out now.

Gavin’s party is in the backyard of his folks house. There’s about sixty friends and family gathered, and after weeks of planning, Bec’s freaking as we wait at the side of the house to go on.

Just then we heard Darren announce our intro. “And now some very special guests. The Lady Gaga’s!”

We all give a little squeal. “We’re on.”

Quickly lining up single file, we saunter into the party, acting as cool as possible. Mum’s already cleared an area for us to perform. Darren’s got a bit of a slow intro for us to get into position, then the beat of Telephone kicks in and we start the routine. There’s a few gasps when we lose the jackets and they see our costumes – but what’s the point of pretending to be Gaga if you’re not shocking people?

Everyone’s looking at us and I’m just getting into the routine when I notice the most gorgeous guy ever. Tight jeans, white t-shirt showing off his buff bod, Johnny Depp hair. I feel my face flush. He’s so hot.

Oops – I nearly missed the cue. Come on Amanda, concentrate.

Hands around the head, head roll, hands cross, shake, and drop. Three, four.

My heart’s racing. Don’t look at the hottie, don’t look.

My gaze meets his and he smiles. Oh, that’s cute. I swallow.

Stop that. Focus!

Step on left foot, turn right knee in.

The hottie can wait. But I so want to just walk over there and pash him. I moisten my lips.

Right leg up and around. Seven, eight.

You can do this.

The mix changes to Boys Boys Boys which is the part of the routine when we split up and freestyle while flirting with the crowd. Great, I can check out the hottie.

I start off by dancing around and flirting with some of the dads, which brings a smile to their faces – probably the biggest thrill they’ve had in years. Bouncing off one of the dads, I’m right in front of the hottie. I slowly lick my lips while running a finger down his chest. Reaching up, I whisper “I want you” in his ear, then turn my back on him and walk away. That should get his attention.

The mix changes again to Just Dance. I get the chair off Mum and put it in the middle of our stage, while Bec and Mich drag Gavin from the crowd – he’s not putting up much of a fight. They sit him on the chair and we all dance around him for a bit. Finally Bec gives him a big kiss while Mich and I look on pretending to be shocked while the crowd cheers.

The mix changes to the outro of Telephone and it’s time to go. We line up again and saunter off without looking back.

Whooping and squealing we run around the side of the house to the front door and go into the bedroom we are using to change in.

“We did it! That was awesome!”

We all jump around on the spot, then have a group hug. I rip off my wig and shake my hair out, which feels so much better. How Gaga can wear all those crazy costumes is beyond me.

“You think he liked it?” says Bec running her hand though her long brunette hair.

“Are you kidding?” I say.

“He’s so into you.” adds Mich.

“The way he was looking at you, I can’t see how you won’t be able to keep him off you.” I say smiling. “When’s the big day anyway?”

Bec blushes and looks away, before looking back with a big grin, eyes sparkling. “Thursday. His folks are out. I can’t wait.”

Our dance was the first part of Bec’s birthday present to Gavin. The second part was Bec herself.

None of us want to change out of our costumes since we put so much effort into them – and we look super hot – but we can’t go back out in just g-strings and fishnets, so we make ourselves decent.

Bec puts on a black Lycra micro mini skirt that shows off her long legs.

Mich has a sheer white blouse whose tail only just covers her butt. She does up a couple of buttons near her waist so that her bra can still be seen.

I tie up my favorite burnt orange micro mini sarong. Oh, I so love this one – got it off a site for exotic dancers; open at the front and not quite covers my rear. Definitely the wrong side of ‘took it too far’. Hottie here I come.


We must have been pashing for ages when I break away and look down into his gorgeous gleaming brown eyes. I’m sitting on his lap facing him with my arms around his neck, his hands are on my waist. The bulge in his pants is against me. I wriggle a bit and he lets out a little moan. We give each other a knowing smile. My hand brushes the stubble on his cheek. I so want him.

I look around and the party is thinning out; it’s getting late.

“Sweetie, I so don’t want this night to end here. Is anyone going to miss you if you don’t go home?”

He shrugs. “I’ll tell the olds I’m stay’n at a mates place.”

Good enough. I just don’t want the cops knocking on my door looking for him at four in the morning. “Great. Come back to mine. We’ll make a night you won’t forget.”

“Okay.” he says grinning at me like he has just won Lotto or something. “How old are you?”

Uh oh, awkward.

“Sixteen.” I lie. Well, it’s not really a lie – I will be in November … next year. “You?”


Bugger – no car. No problem – I can sort it.

“I have to talk to my mum. You won’t go anywhere will you?”

He just gives me a little laugh, smiles and shakes his head as if that was the most ridiculous thing he had ever heard.

“I’ll be right back.” I say, then give him a kiss and go inside to find Mum.

She is talking to some of the other mothers in the kitchen. I get her attention.

“There you are. I was wondering where you’d got to.” she says. “Your show was really good. You pleased?”

“Oh yeah! Bec was so freaking at the start, but it was like totally awesome.” I gush excitedly, before getting doubts. “Did you really like it?”

“Yes, you all looked great.” she says smiling. “Though I don’t remember agreeing to g-strings.”

“They’re not g-strings, they’re just high cut.” What do mums know about fashion anyway. Okay, so it might have said g-string on the packet – that’s so not the point.

“They show a lot more than they cover – they’re g-strings.”

Whatever. This isn’t what I want to talk about.

“I need a favour. Can I have a friend stay over?”

“Sure Honey.” she says with a smile.

Hooray! That was too easy. My Mum’s the best.

“Thanks Mum!” I say giving her a hug.

“Just check with Sarah if it’s okay.”

“Huh?” What’s Bec’s mum got to do with it?

We stand there staring at each other. She looks as confused as I feel.

“Wait – which friend are you talking about?” she says frowning.

“Ahhh.” I say brushing some hair off my face.

“You don’t mean that boy who’s throat that you’ve had your tongue down for the last hour do you?” she says glaring at me.

“Ummm.” I say looking away.

“No way.” she says flattening her lips.

“It’s okay. It’s not like he’s my first, or anything.” In fact he would be number five, but I don’t think that will help my argument.

“As if that makes any difference. And I’m still not happy about that either.” she says with her hands on her hips.

Even through we were whispering, some of the others are starting to notice our discussion. I look around nervously.

“But Mum –”

“I said no. And don’t roll your eyes at me.”

“I already said he could.” I say through clenched teeth.

“Well you will just have to go tell … What’s this boy’s name anyway?”

“Ahhh.” Shit! My stomach flutters. We had been so busy pashing we hadn’t done introductions. I’m pretty sure his name isn’t ‘Sweetie’.

“You don’t even know his name. Unbelievable.” she says shaking her head. “Get your things; we’re going home. Without your friend.”

“I’ll have to say goodbye.” I plead.

“Well be quick about it.”

“Ohhhh!” Stamping my foot, I head back outside to the hottie.

Bloody parents. They tell you they trust you to make your own decisions, then when you do, they tell you you’re wrong. I’m practically an adult – yet they treat me like a child. Unbelievable. You’d think they didn’t trust me, or something. Time for Plan B.

The hottie is where I left him and I resume my position on his lap. “Sorry sweetie, Mum is being … difficult. Where’s your phone?”

He takes it out his pocket and gives it to me. I put my details into his contacts. “This is my address. Can you get yourself there?” He nods. “Great. Text me when you get there and I will let you in my window. But you’ll have to be really quiet, because if my folks hear you, there’ll be big trouble.” Then remembering the conversation with Mum add “What do I call you in the morning sweetie?”

“I’m Brandon.”

“I’m Amanda, but you can call me Princess.”

I give him a kiss then head back inside. Half way there I realise that my mood is all wrong. I’m happy and excited to be getting a night of passion with a hottie when I should be pissed off because I’m not. Mum will know something’s up for sure.

I grab my costume bag from the change room and find Mum talking in the hall.

“Hrumph.” I snort and stamp my foot.

We head out to the car and I carelessly throw my bag in the back, them myself into the passenger seat. Crossing my arms, I put on the biggest pout I can manage.

We drive some way in silence before Mum gives a little laugh.

“How long are you going to keep this up? You knew it was never going to happen.”

I just sulk in silence, looking straight ahead.

“I’m sure your friend understands.” she says. “And does he have a name?”

“Brandon.” I say reluctantly.

“Does Brandon know your only fourteen?”

“And a half.” I protest.

“You’re still under sixteen.”

“Romeo and Juliet were only seventeen and fourteen.”

“And look how that turned out.” she says. “Well, does he know?”

I bite my lip. There’s no safe answer to that.

“I know you think you’re older than you are, but lying about it doesn’t make it so.”

“Can I stay at Bec’s?” I say looking at her and smiling.

“Do you think I’m stupid?”

Yes. “No.” I say with fake innocence.

“We both know you wouldn’t be there five minutes before sneaking out to see Brandon, and Bec would cover for you.”

I cross my arms again and sulk some more. Giving away Plan C is an easy diversion. Good thing Mum doesn’t play Chess. Sun Tzu would be so proud.

“You don’t trust me. I’m not a child.” I say and pout.

She sighs. “Well prove it. Show me that you can be trusted.”

“How? Every time I ask for something you say no.”

“Then ask for something I can say yes to.”

I sulk some more.

“Sleep on it tonight. Tomorrow we’ll have a little talk about appropriate public behavior.”

Mum so loves her ‘little talks’.

“Whatever.” I say rolling my eyes.

I hope Brandon’s not late; I so hate waiting.


The girls are dancing to Telephone, Boys Boys Boys and Just Dance.

Lady Gaga – Telephone ft. Beyoncé

Lady Gaga – Just Dance ft. Colby O’Donis


All people, places and events depicted are real, just not in this universe.
© Paul Shipley

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