I wipe away another tear. The bastard!
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Pat <3<3<3: I think it might be good to consider not seeing so much of each other

I wipe away another tear.

The bastard!

He can’t even face me to do it – so he breaks up by text. What an ass.

There’s a movement and I look over towards the door to see Amanda trying to back out of the loos before I noticed her entrance.

“Come in! Come in!” I say. “As if this day can’t get any worse.”

She joins me beside the basins.

“Come to gloat I suppose.”

“I didn’t know you were here.” she says.

“Well sorry to spoil your ‘alone time’ then.”

She just stares at me.

“You really expect me to believe that you don’t know what you’ve done?” I say.

“No, Kel. I don’t know.”

“He’s only gone and broken up with me!” I say showing her the text.

“What does that even mean?” she says looking puzzled.

“I know, right!”

Some Year 7s come through the door, see us glaring at them, and they leave even quicker.

“Whatever did you even see in that boy?” she says.

“And what would you know?”

“Kel, he fell asleep … while having sex … with me.”

That would be right.

“Trust me, when Jordan comes over – nobody gets any sleep.” she says.

“Does Jordan ever mention me?” I say.

She thinks a bit.

“Umm. No.” she says. “Which is strange. You’d be just his type. In fact people say you’re a less hot version of me.”

I let the slight pass as I’m not in the mood.

“I remember once asking him if he’d been with you and he said ‘Not with a million condoms’, but then he must have realised that he’d said too much and wouldn’t talk about it again.”

“Oh. So he does remember.” I say

She looks at me puzzled, but I’ve already said too much.

The bell goes. Neither of us makes a move to leave and we continue to lean against the basins for awhile.

“This is a bit like old times.” she says eventually breaking the silence.

“Before you spoilt it.” I say. “Why did you have sleep with him?”

“You weren’t exactly faithful.” she says. “Ryan can’t keep his mouth shut, and Mark told everyone.”

“Mark’s just bragging.” I lie.

“Kel, I know when Mark is lying. Considering all the practice he gets, he’s not very good at it.”

We’ve both silent for a bit.

“Who else knows about the text?” she says.

“No one.” I say.

“You need to get in first. Post that you’ve broken up with him. And I’ll spread it that it’s because he’s a dud root.”

“You’d do that for me?” I say taken back.

“Yeah. Mich can have it all over school before last bell.”

“So, what? We’ve friends again now?” I say puzzled.

“I don’t want to fight with you.” she says. “I never said you weren’t my friend. I said you couldn’t be a bitch and be my friend. You choose.”

“So, what are we now?”

She thinks for a moment.

“How about ‘not enemies’?”



“What’s it mean Kim?” says Sally looking at the scene before us.

Over at Amanda’s table, Tracy and Emma are teaching Tanya some dance moves, Michelle is doing Megan’s makeup, and Amanda and Kelly are giggling together looking at each others phones.

First Amanda sleeps with Patrick. Then Kelly breaks up with him. And now … they are friends?

“I don’t know.” I say. “But we’ve going to have to be extra careful.”


All people, places and events depicted are real, just not in this universe.

© Paul Shipley

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