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I could have been a brickie

I was raised in Altona North, a working class suburb in the west of Melbourne. My parents were hard working, but we were not ‘well …

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Why do I need Flash Player Pro?

Well, of course you don’t need Flash Player Pro because it’s a scam, but why are you getting these messages.

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LogMeIn, LogMeOut

LogMeIn Free is no more. LogMeIn just closed their Free service (http://blog.logmein.com/it-management/logmein-changes). Okay – so everybody has to eat and they need to make their …

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Virtualization not available on Gigabyte GA-Z87-HD3 motherboard

I recently brought a new computer with a Gigabyte GA-Z87-HD3 motherboard, but Virtualization wasn’t working.

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Oh Windows, why must you make it so difficult

Or why I will never be without work as long as there is Windows.

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Cable BroadbandOptusWireless Router

Optus Cable Broadband modem woes

Setting up a Wireless Router is easy. Right?

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Apple TV owners lost legal movie playback

Due to a sever fault Apple TV owners were unable to play content they legally paid for.

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RIP: Google Toolbar for Firefox

Earlier this week, Google announced it was killing Google Toolbar for Firefox, and would not be updating the add-on to support Firefox 5 or future …

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Where is my warp drive?!!!!

Forty two years after man first walked on another world what have we achieved?

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