Space can be a little bit cold

Where is my warp drive?!!!!

Forty two years after man first walked on another world what have we achieved?

The space shuttle Atlantis has touched down for the the last time ( bringing an end to the shuttle program and with it NASAs ability to launch people into space.

Space can be a little bit cold

So forty two years after the moon landings what have we achieved?

65 Years

We should have jet-packs, Mars colonies and be well on the way to leaving the solar system. Instead we can barely get to low earth orbit. If my car could travel vertically I could drive there in a couple of hours.

History of Flight

Where is my warp drive?!!! The Vulcans will be here in 52 years ( and we are not even close to ready yet. If a galaxy far, far away could have X Fighters and Death Stars a long, long time ago ( why can’t we!

The best we can currently say is that it is not theoretically impossible (

Where is this generations Robert Goddard (


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