LogMeIn, LogMeOut

LogMeIn Free is no more.

LogMeIn just closed their Free service (http://blog.logmein.com/it-management/logmein-changes).

Okay – so everybody has to eat and they need to make their money somehow, but to just close down a service with only a few days notice is a bit rude. I only used the Free service, and while their product is great, I could not justify the cost of the Pro service for the few times a year that I needed to assist a friend, so I will be looking for an alternative.

The really short sighted part of this is that I am currently evaluating remote support solutions for a SMB and the way this decision was implemented will make it very hard for me to recommend LogMeIn as their first question will be “How long will it be before they change their minds again and will we have only seven days to find a new solution?” and the Pro service is not cheap. If you are going to be spending that sort of money you want a vendor that has a solid commitment and will not just abandon you.

Sorry LogMeIn, it was nice knowing you.


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