Mac OS and Java Deprecation

As a Java and Flash developer, I have to wonder why Steve Jobs hates me so much?

Apple has announced that as of the release of Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 3, the Java runtime ported by Apple and that ships with Mac OS X is deprecated (, meaning it will pay even less attention to upkeep of the platform, and it may kill the platform entirely on a future version of its operating system.

I will no longer be developing specifically for the Mac OS X platform (and I was not going to target the iPhone/iPod/iPad devices anyway ( Anyone is free to try any of my applications on Mac and I will try to fix any issues, however I will not be customizing my code for Mac or performing any testing. Being Open Source anyone is free to port my tools to Mac and I will provide what assistance I can.

I am not the only developer unhappy with this decision.


Since I first posted this Apple have announced that they are joining the OpenJDK project and Java will still be available for Mac OS X but it will be an optional download (

Rumors about the new Mac OS X Lion release seem to support this new arrangement (

While this situation is not as bad a first feared (ie: no Java at all), Apple’s continually meddling in what tools developers should use on their platform does not give me any confidence that my time is not going to wasted by yet another random policy change.

I will continue to concentrate on other platforms.


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