I wrote to Michael Danby (MHR for Melbourne Ports) to find what his views on the filter were. I did not receive a reply to my first letter so I have written again.

If an elector can not get a response from their local member, what are they for?

2010 March 15

Mr Michael Danby MP
PO Box 2086
St Kilda West Vic 3182

Dear Sir,

I wrote to you on January 19 regarding the government’s Internet Filtering proposal and I note that you have not

As a long time Labor supporter I am dismayed that this government would propose that Australia join such repressive
regimes as China, North Korea, Burma and Iran in filtering the Internet. If this proposal is implemented, what will
stop future governments blocking free speech in this country?

From you silence can I assume you are not making any representations concerning this matter? This surprises me as a
number of your caucus colleagues, such as Senator Lundy, disagree with this policy.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Shipley


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