Social Safe

Keep your social (media) life safe

SocialSafe is a great way to download your social media life.

Like a lot of people I have invested a significant amount of effort in social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Unlike most people, I have considered – What if it was deleted or lost in some way and it was all gone? Now if that thought scares you, it should! Luckily there is an app for that.

SocialSafe (by iBundle) is a desktop application to download all of your profiles and back them up on to your computer. You can view what has been backed up or export it to other applications.


Social Safe


I have found it to be a really easy to use and effective backup solution for social media. It comes in a number of versions with differing options and prices. The most basic version is a free download and would be acceptable to many Facebook users, though this is more of a useable ‘trial’ version. The other versions are accessible by upgrading the free version via the purchase of an annual subscription. The subscriptions are very inexpensive – I needed the Pro version so that I could backup Twitter and LinkedIn (as well as Facebook) and this was only $6.99 per year.  It runs on both PC and Mac using Adobe AIR.

Highly recommended. Five propeller hats.




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