Comodo Backup is a great backup solution – now with 5GB of online space!

I am a big fan of Comodo products, for good reason. I have previously written about Comodo TrustConnect and their Internet Security Suite is a standard part of my Windows installation.  Comodo backup has been around awhile and I have used it with varying degrees of success. Version 1 was a great little product, but somewhat limited. Version 2 offered new features, but I found it to be rather flaky so I stuck with V1. Version 3 was OK but V1 just worked so no upgrade.

My initial impression of Version 4 was not good as it crashed the machine that I primarily use for backups and I had to remove it. The issue appeared to be a known bug and they promised a fix so I reserved judgement.

Now that I have been using Version 4.1 for some time I can finally say that this is the upgrade for me. Not only does it have a lot of great features – it just works. And if that is not enough – it includes a free 5GB of backup space via the Comodo Cloud application.

Highly recommenced.




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