Is Conroy the worst ever Communications Minster?

Is Senator Stephen Conroy the worst ever Communications Minister?

An interesting question and there is some pretty tough competition. Who can forget Richard Alston who seemed to think that he was the Minister for Preventing Communication, and as for Helen Coonan – the less said the better.,_Communications_and_the_Digital_Economy_%28Australia%29

Conroy has managed to get the NBN going despite resistance from Telstra and now even has them joining the NBN effort, so he is not completely useless.

But what is his problem with the Internet Filter???? The industry has tried time and time again to show him that this will not work and he even says that he understands this, yet it is still out there. Currently it seems that the industry has written him off as a joke.

When APC takes time away from the latest motherboard or game console to talk about how bad the Communications Minster is then things really have gone to far.

Oh dear: The top ten funniest Conroy YouTube videos

Why does Conroy insist on wearing a target on his back?

Two budding engineers from the Kogan Technologies R&D team in Melbourne, Con & Roy, have developed an Internet filter that portects Australians from “spams and scams coming through the portal.”

He still has not answered any of my letters (I will not count the form letter response that ignored all of the issues that I raised and instead gushed about how wonderful the proposal was) which is a pity as I would like to hear him tell me how to get the spam out of my portals again.




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