D3 Tips and Tricks

Interactive Data Visualization in a Web Browser

I have been working on a number of projects using the MEAN stack coding in Javascript, when I needed to generate some charts. There were plenty of basic charting libraries available, but I wanted something flexible that could be used through out the application, so I decided on D3.js.

Having decided on a library, the next question was how to use it? My standard practice to learn something new is to get a book, which lead me to D3 Tips and Tricks by Malcolm Maclean. Clearly written, lots of examples (including downloadable code) – what’s not to like?

But the most interesting part was the publishing model as this was using Leanpub which is a self publishing site that I had not come across before. There have been some mixed reviews, some good, some bad. I found it interesting that authors could set both a recommended price and a minimum price, and when given the choice people often paid more. While it is a general publishing site, most of the books are IT related.

So if you are looking for some interesting IT books check out Leanpub.


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