WordPress Twenty Eleven Template – Sidebar on Single Posts and Pages

Updating a website to WordPress 3.3 caused the Sidebar to disappear. Huh?

This website was for a small business and consisted of a number of single pages and a Blog page. Part of the requirements for the update was to change the page design to be more interesting so I created a child template based on the new default Twenty Eleven template. This was all very straight forward and it was looking pretty good, except the sidebar would only show on one page (the Blog page) which was very puzzling. Initially I thought that I had made a mistake or missed a setting, but a search for this issue showed that it was due to a deliberate ‘feature’ of this template.

Now it was easy enough to make the changes to the child template to add the Sidebar back in (http://www.transformationpowertools.com/wordpress/twenty-eleven-sidebar-on-single-posts-and-pages) but why was this not a template option?





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