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This tool extracts the program guides from the OzTivo servers and creates an XMLTV file for the EyeTV PVR.

I have a Mac Mini with EyeTV set up as as home media centre.  I wrote this Java application to download the program guides from the OzTivo site, mainly to get data for Nine and Go! which do not transmit a DVB program guide.

<rant>How are we suppose to watch their shows/ads if we do not know what is on?</rant>

This is the first version for this tool and I have not completed all of the features. I have developed this tool for Mac OS X, but it will work with Windows and Linux. Please let me know of your experiences with this tool so that I can improve it.



  • Read these instructions
  • Create a new folder
  • Click xmltv.jar
  • Click Save and select the folder from above
  • Double-click on the xmltv.jar file
  • Select the channels to download
  • Click Process
  • Watch the progress messages, wait for the Finished message
  • Drag the xmltv.xml file onto the EyeTV icon in the dock
  • Finished!


To do

  • Package as Mac OS X application bundle
  • Add Apple Script to integrate with EyeTV
  • Automatically schedule downloads


For more information about how this tool uses the OzTivo guides see here.