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Keep your social (media) life safe

SocialSafe is a great way to download your social media life.

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Thunderbird HTML editor

The Thunderbird Stationary extension lets you edit the message HTML.

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inSSIDerWi-FiWireless Router

Inside inSSIDer

Troubleshoot competing access points and clogged Wi-Fi channels with inSSIDer from metageek.

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Using Google Apps as your domain email server

How to configure Google Apps email for you@yourdomain.com.

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Clonezillahard diskSMART

Send in the clones!

Clonezilla to the rescue!

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What the World Looks Like, If You Move Backward in Time

From Scientific American – Gavin Crooks at Lawrence Berkeley Labs showed this brilliant short film by Rocketboom.

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Science Videos

See, geeks can dance!

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EJBJavaPackt Publishing

Review of EJB 3.1 Cookbook by Richard M. Reese

Review of EJB 3.1 Cookbook by Richard M. Reese, Packt Publishing Ltd., June 2011, ISBN 978-1- 849682-38-1

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The Quantum Universe

The Quantum Universe by Brian Cox – out soon

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