Add swap space to Amazon Lightsail

Only the smallest of Lightsail instances are configured for swap space. This is how to configure additional swap space.

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Custom configuration for PHP 7.2 and Ubuntu 16.04

Manage custom PHP settings without breaking the apt-get upgrade process.

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Migrate to new version of XAMPP

Install a new version of XAMPP for Windows and migrate your existing configuration.

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Install Webmin on Amazon Lightsail

Use Webmin as a GUI to administer Amazon Lightsail instances.

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IDE for Strawberry Perl for Windows

Padre makes a great IDE for Strawberry Perl.

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Australian Tax Invoice extension

I have created a FrontAccounting extension module to generate an Australian Tax Invoice.

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Load denied by X-Frame-Options

Apache2 requires some additional configuration to work with HTTPS and FrontAccounting.

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HTTPS for Ubuntu Apache with Self-Signed Certificates

As I mentioned in a previous post (HTTPS for XAMPP with Self-Signed Certificates), there is an initiative, lead by Google and Mozilla, to deprecate HTTP …

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ApacheHTTPSWindows 10

HTTPS for XAMPP with Self-Signed Certificates

There is an initiative, lead by Google and Mozilla, to deprecate HTTP and migrate all web traffic to HTTPS.

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