Extra for Elements – FAQ

This package has ceased development. See Elements XXL instead.


Using Internet Explorer with XP SP2

If you click the link and the download opens in WinZip,WinRar, Stuffit or similar, this is not correct.  This has been caused by a security feature of XP SP2.  Use another browser, such as Firefox or save the download to disk.  The download will be incorrectly named ExtraInstall.jar.zip.  Rename this back to ExtraInstall.jar and then double click on it.  You can not install this package using WinZip, etc.

Using Netscape

If you click the link and get a screen of random characters instead of the download, Netscape needs to be updated.  Firefox and IE both work correctly.

Using Safari

If you click the link and get a screen of random characters instead of the download, use another browser.  Firefox and IE both work correctly.

International versions of Elements 2

Several people have contacted me regarding using these tools with non English versions of Elements 2. It appears that the major difference between these versions and the English version of Elements 2 is that Adobe have translated the names of their directories. My package will install into the correct directories for Swedish, French and German. Unfortunately as I only speak English all of the actual text is in English. If anyone would like to provide a translated version of these tools, I would be happy to assist with the technical details.

No other version of Elements has this problem as they use the English directory names.

Thanks to Claude Vié http://cvie.free.fr for assistance with the French version

Thanks to Hans-Dieter Stich http://www.bluerock.de/download, Markus Baeumler and Max Gordon for their assistance with the German version.

Thanks to Max Zomborszki for assistance with the Swedish version.


Other Useful links

For more information and tips about Photoshop Elements have a look at Jay Arraich’s site http://www.arraich.com/table_of_contents.htm

Visit the Elements discussion group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/photoshop_elements/messages

If you want to know more about how to use Photoshop Elements have a look at Photoshop Elements 2: Zero to Hero by Tom Arah, Barry Beckham, Adam Juniper, Todd Pierson and myself.  Published by friends of ED, ISBN 1-904344-23-2.

If you like my package and want to know more about how to enhance Elements have a look at The Hidden Power of Photoshop Elements 2 (Sybex; ISBN: 0782141781) by Richard Lynch.

Ling Nero has developed a tool for playing Photoshop Actions that are compatible with Elements.   http://www.geocities.com/rnlnero/PE2stuff2.html

To find out more about Photoshop Actions and Elements visit  http://www.AtnCentral.com by Danny J. Raphael



This package is being made available as open source freeware. You are free to use the tools contained within the package in any way described in the GNU General Public License.



Revision notes
2002 Jul 15 Initial release
2002 Sep 8 Notes about Elements 2
2002 Dec 28 Release for Elements 2
2003 May 12 Notes about International versions
2004 Nov 09 Notes about Elements 3
2004 Nov 21 Elements 3 instructions
2005 Feb 6 ExtraInstall released
2005 Feb 14 ExtraPlugins released
2005 Apr 25 ExtraInstall bug fix
2005 Nov 14 Release for Elements 4
2007 Jan  15 Notes about Elements 5 and Vista
2010 Feb 22 Release for Elements 8 and Vista/Win7





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