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Australian Tax Invoice extension

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I have created a FrontAccounting extension module to generate an Australian Tax Invoice.

The ATO (Australian Tax Office) is rather flexible about the layout of invoices but there are several mandatory elements that must be complied with to be legal. Their guidelines can be found here:

I have used the Module facility to override the standard invoice (rep109) to make FrontAccounting generate compliant invoices. A number of the other reports have also been modified to be consistent (but not a legal requirement). As this is using Modules, the changes can be switched on or off simply by enabling or disabling the extension.

Refer to:

The module can be downloaded from:

Install by copying to [fa root dir]/modules, then install Australian Tax Invoice extension and activating it for company(s).

Refer to:

The only visible indication that the module is working is that when an invoice is generated it will be formatted as a Tax Invoice.

For example: