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Yearly Archives: 2010

Flinders Ranges – Oct 2003

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This is the diary of my holiday to the Flinders Ranges at the end of October 2003.  I hope you have as much enjoyment reading it as I did on the holiday.

Danby letter #2

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I wrote to Michael Danby (MHR for Melbourne Ports) to find what his views on the filter were. I did not receive a reply to my first letter so I have written again.  

Conroy letter #2

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I wrote to Senator Conroy (Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy) and got a form letter reply. This basically ignored my objections and spent three pages explaining how wonderful the filter was going to be.  

Mandatory ISP Filtering

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Many of you will of heard of the current proposal for Mandatory ISP Filtering. The stated objective is to prevent access to Refused Classification (RC) material, particularly child pornography. It is my position that this proposal will not achieve this objective, while significantly reducing the rights of citizens to lawfully use the Internet.

Your New Geek: Care and Feeding Guide

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Congratulations on your recent acquisition of your very own Geek! You will find this newest addition to your life will provide many years of satisfying companionship, very appealing amounts of income, and overall improved happiness. Best of all, your Geek requires very little maintenance. You have joined an elite group by adding Geek to your family!

Why I won’t be developing for the iPhone/iPad

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I love my iPhone. It is a brilliant piece of technology; so easy to use and the big screen with ‘soft’ keyboard is so much better than the tiny ‘hard’ keyboards on some of the other smart phones – especially with my big fingers. But, I have ‘issues’ with the approval process for the iTunes… Read more »

It’s alive!

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Hooray! My new site is up. Now to add some content. Hope you enjoy it.

Extra Plugins – Install

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*Important* This package is only for Photoshop Elements 1 – 4 on Windows and is no longer being developed. You are probably looking for Extra for Elements instead.